Chapter 6 Public Facing Work

What do you want your ‘public’ digital face to be?

  • research showing the more info/data available, the more (physical) visitor numbers

  • upsides, downsides, and unintended consequences

  • pick’n’mix approach from the following (ie you don’t need everything)

6.1 Do you need social media?

  • a very good question…
  • different social media platforms for very different aims
  • different platforms & norms of behaviour, norms of engagement
  • ways you might measure the effectiveness of your socmed

6.2 Domains and Hosting

  • domain names vs hosting
  • domains + hosting
  • Wordpress or Wix or Squarespace might be fine: but they might not.

6.3 Static Websites With Hugo

  • your organization needs a basic, fast, secure website that is aesthetically pleasing

  • deploying to Github Pages

  • using github + netlify to serve your pages

6.3.1 Adding a Leaflet.js Map

  • some basics

6.3.2 Other enhancements

  • oral histories? add soundcite to your site (embedding audio in the text)

6.4 Building a Collections Website with CollectionBuilder

  • you have wonderful materials. Showcase them.
  • also makes your data available in a variety of useful formats

6.5 Omeka for Exhibitions

  • Tell stories about your materials, pulling them together from your collection’s materials
  • Neatline?
  • versus hosting your own

6.6 Visual Storytelling with Mural

  • Long-form storytelling

6.7 Exhibits with Wax

  • why and when you might use Wax

6.8 Mukurtu

  • Differing communities have differing protocols about access to cultural heritage information. Mukurtu is built with this in mind.

6.9 Bots

  • Some simple bots that can make your materials more accessible
  • powered by the API that datasette made available to you

6.10 Something something Linked Open Data?

  • this might be a step too far

6.11 Interactive (Non-)Fiction

  • Tell interactive stories using Twine or Ink or Ren’Py