Chapter 5 Internal Data Management

5.1 Tables to Databases

  • arranging data in tables
  • arranging data in graphs
  • setting up a basic database of either kind
    • sqlite, for local stuff? people have VIEWS on that
    • graph basics are probably too much, for the intended audience, but maybe there‚Äôs something gentle out there
  • data management workflows

5.2 Cleaning Up Messy Data with OpenRefine

5.3 Publishing Data with Datasette

  • putting data online with Datasette
  • useful plugins for Datasette
  • using the desktop version of Datasette
  • putting Datasette online but behind a password
  • this also gives your collection an API

5.4 Working With Oral Interviews

  • automatic transcription with Mozilla DeepSpeech

5.5 Working with Other Data Sources

  • accessing databases using Python, R
  • scraping various sites

5.6 Working with Images

  • PixPlot for exploring a collection